Lesson series

Breath, Beats, & The Brain Dance (4 lessons)

In this residency, students practice creative movement for personal growth through the Brain Dance. Mentor Artist Stephanie Bastos, leads us through the patterns of the Brain Dance while integrating connections to rhythm and sequence. Understand each pattern and get moving to increase focus, energy, awareness and strength. This course also includes videos of dancers across techniques, styles, and traditions. 

 Ideal for grades TK - 3.

 Addresses national arts standards for dance and social emotional learning competencies.

 You will need:
Your own body and some space to move.
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Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the instructor

Stephanie Bastos

Stephanie Bastos has extensive dance training, studying with Masters of Brazilian Dance and Folklore in The Bay Area and in Brazil, and holds her BFA in Dance from University of Florida. As a youth she danced with the Miami Ballet. Stephanie has been featured on KQED’s SPARK series, “Frontiers of Dance” in 2004, ABC’s Morning Show, and NBC’s Dateline “Shall We Dance” in 1998. Stephanie currently teaches Contemporary Brazilian Dance at Destiny Arts in Oakland.

Stephanie speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese, and despite having lost a limb in a car accident, she has performed with highly recognized dance companies in Florida and the Bay Area, inspiring people of all abilities. In 2007, Stephanie worked with AXIS Arts to create and perform physically Integrated Dance and Creative Dance for all abilities and ages that includes Modern Dance, Improvisation, and Contact Improvisation techniques.

Stephanie teaches youth a variety of dance forms including Afro-Brazilian, Hip-Hop and Contemporary dance. Much of her work in after school programs focuses on performing and martial arts, youth leadership, and violence prevention.

*Falo Português, Se Habla Español