Artsbank mini-course

What can you do with a Brown Bag? (4 lessons)

Artists need to create, and in this course, young artists explore four ways to use a brown grocery bag as the starting point. We will show you how to create books, mask-hats, collages and unique drawings using the beautiful soft, scratchy brown grocery bag. Ideal for Grades K-4

  Ideal for Grades K-4. 
   Addresses national standards for literacy, dance, visual arts.
  You will need: Scissors, Glue, Brown paper grocery bags, Scrap Paper, Tools to draw & color
This course features videos from #YIACre8tes, livestreamed art lessons for students and families during shelter in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.
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Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the instructors

Suzanne Joyal and Cathy Bowman

Youth in Arts staff visual artists.