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Language+Arts: Dance and Create with Words (4 lessons)

We can find words and letters everywhere! In this course, students will draw and dance and collage using letters and words they can find nearby. This course is perfect for new readers as they search, find and create with words and letters they discover or draw themselves. Ideal for Grades K-3

 Ideal for Grades K-3
  Addresses national standards for literacy, dance, & visual arts.
 You will need: Scissors, Glue, Paper, Scrap Paper, Tools to draw & color.

This course features videos from #YIACre8tes, livestreamed art lessons for students and families during shelter in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.
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Patrick Jones - Course author
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Youth in Arts 
Mentor Artists and Staff

Cathy Bowman, Kristen Jacobson, &
Suzanne Joyal